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Terence Crawford On Spence Fight: “It Could Be Bigger”

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Terence Crawford says his fight with Errol Spence Jr could be bigger than it is because there are a lot of people that are unaware that they’re fighting on July 29th on Showtime PPV.

Crawford states that he could go outside and ask a non-boxing fan about it, and they wouldn’t know that he’s facing IBF, WBA & WBC welterweight champion Spence (28-0, 22 KOs).

That comes down to the promotion of the event. If the organizers of the Spence-Crawford undisputed 147-lb championship advertised the bout more, it would get the attention that it needs from the casual boxing fans to make it bigger. However, that would cost money and cut into the profit margin.

It’s not just the promotion. WBO welterweight champion Crawford (39-0, 30 KOs) hasn’t worked hard to build a social media presence during his long 15-year professional career. The same goes for Spence.

If Spence & Crawford had worked tirelessly on social media and given constant interviews to the media, their fight would be much bigger than it is.

Nowadays, fighters can’t depend solely on their promoters to build them into stars because they can’t do it. The big promoters have stables that are too large to devote energy to pumping up one of their fighters on social media. They got to do the work themselves and can their cause by hiring a good public relations team.

“The promotion is going great, and the only reason I say it could be bigger is because when you go outside and see someone that doesn’t know anything about boxing, they don’t know that the fight is going on. That’s what I mean by, ‘It could be bigger,’” said Terence Crawford during today’s virtual press conference for his fight against Errol Spence Jr on July 29th.

It’s not too late for Crawford to put in the work to make his fight with Spence bigger by posting on social media and giving as many interviews as possible.

“Diehard boxing fans, people that are into boxing, yes,” said Crawford. “They all know about the fight, and they all been wanting the fight; they’ve ll been calling for the fight.

“But if I go to my next-door neighbor’s grandma’s house that doesn’t know boxing, if she doesn’t read the newspaper and we’re not in the newspaper, is she going to know who I am? That’s what I mean by, ‘It could be bigger on different outlets, I would say,” said Crawford.

It’s unreasonable for Craawford to expect non-boxing fans, especially older people, to know about his fight with Spence. It’s not like the olden days when there were only six or seven TV channels to choose from.

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