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The world’s most gambling hockey players

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Since the 20th century, casinos have been actively promoted in modern Europe and the CIS countries, and the online gambling market has even become crowded, as online gambling has found many of its loyal fans. Online casinos allow you to not only have a fun time gambling, but also to make real money without much skill or effort.

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Why do a lot of people choose online casinos?

Among the main advantages of online casinos that distinguish online gambling sites from floor casinos are, above all, the bonus systems offered, which allow you to enter the game on the most favorable terms. Among them, for example: 50 free spins when you add a way of registration to the casino site. Such bonuses are called welcome bonuses. Most welcome bonuses are given to the player when you make a first deposit: thus, if you make a 3 min deposit casino of at least $3, you can get exactly 100% of your wager on your deposit balance from the casino.

Particular attention should be paid to the wide range of gambling entertainment offered on the gambling site. Gamers can play the most modern slots with high quality graphics and sound, 2D and 3D effects, the production of which belongs to the top licensed developer companies. The assortment of slots is constantly updated, which allows the player to stay up-to-date with the slots that have been released and new features.

All the more so, the casino websites may come across innovative services such as the live casino feature, video slot machines with jackpots, tournaments and so on.

The world’s most gambling hockey players

All of the above-mentioned points make online casino sites really popular and one of the favourite hobbies of many famous celebrities as well, which combines outstanding personalities and gambling enthusiasts. For them, online casinos are not only a pastime that allows you to relax and unwind, but also to get a necessary “dose” of adrenaline, experience the euphoria and try your luck along with the rest of the users to “hit the jackpot”.

Athletes are often very gambling personalities – because of their profession they are already players, and experience the same emotions at their main job as the casino players – the euphoria of victory, the adrenaline rush during the gameplay, and so on.

In this article, we have gathered for you to look at the most gambling hockey players, known worldwide not only for their services to the world sport of hockey, but also for their gambling addiction to casinos with 50 free spins when you add your bank card.

Jaromir Jagr

Járomír Jágr is a Czechoslovak ice hockey player who plays as a winger for club Rytíří Kladno, which he owns since the summer of 2011. He has the second most points in the NHL regular season and the fifth most points in the Stanley Cup playoffs. He was voted the most expensive hockey player in the world.

Combining the qualities of a sensible, easy-going man and also an athlete who has excelled in his favourite sport – hockey – Jaromir does not hide his gambling addiction from visiting casinos, and finds more upsides than downsides in it.

Gambling helps him not only to relax after a hard day, but also to experience the thrill of gambling outside of work – the hockey player loves the casino game primarily for the unpredictability and the euphoria felt: in a moment you can win a large sum of money, or lose the opposite.

Cam Neely

Cam Neely is a Canadian ice hockey player, right wing and National Hockey League player. At the moment he is the President of the club Boston Bruins. He is also a supporting actor in such films as Dumb and Dumber, Me Again and Irving. Me, Myself and Irene again, Dumb and Dumber 2. His background in hockey dates back to 1982, so Cam Neely is indeed a lifelong professional.

However, this does not prevent him from also taking an active part in gambling activities, such as poker, presented in casinos. A particular highlight was his playing poker alongside celebrity poker buddies Jeremy Renick, Sheldon Surrey and Steve Sullivan at the Rio Hotel Casino, alongside well-known poker professionals such as Chris Manimaker and Greg Raymer. The table for the game was designed in the form of a hockey pitch and a miniature ice rink was built next to it.

At the end of the game, this famous hockey player and prominent actor earned two thousand dollars. All the money earned by the players, and it counted for over 150 thousand dollars, went to charity.

Cam Neely commented on the game afterwards, saying that poker allowed him, as well as his fellow players, not only to take his mind off his career and work issues by getting together for a fun game, but also to do good for society by donating the winnings to orphans, hospitals, and saving seriously ill people. This example may be given to those people who categorically do not trust the services of the casino, seeing in it fraud and harm. Anyone can win! However, Cam Neely also believes that regardless of winning or losing – gambling allows you to experience thrills and unique emotions every time just from being in the game itself.

Evander Kane

Evander Kane is a left wing forward of NHL club Edmonton Oilers. In the 2009 NHL Entry Draft he was selected in the 1st round with the #4 overall pick by the Atlanta Thrashers. He brings a lot of merit and wins to his club for his many years of hockey experience.

Along with this, the athlete not only spends good time at the hockey rink, he also has another favourite hobby – namely online casinos. Kane visited the casino during his first round play-off series with Vegas. In 2019, the striker lost just under $500,000 to a Las Vegas casino establishment but was unable to settle his debts.

Already the next Kane declared bankruptcy – by that time he had managed to owe various creditors almost $ 27 million. All of his considerable salary ($ 7 million a year) went to pay off debts, and the striker lived “in deficit”.

This story about a famous hockey player, who had to experience difficulties in life because of his gambling addiction – is proof that any gambling should be done wisely, weighing the pros and cons, not risking to bet on the last available money, do not forget to take breaks from the games, and so on – that the gambling addiction has not only become a cause of financial ruin, but also mental disorders, which often appear in addicted to gambling entertainment players, to

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