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What You Should Know About April’s Golf Tournaments – Golf News

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With the advent of the spring season, many sports are burgeoning. And, of course, golf is one of those. Today you will learn what events will take place in April and why they are worth your time. Let’s waste no second and jump in!

Masters Tournament: Who is the Favorite?

Every fan of competitive golf knows about the major fourth. They are the four biggest competitive events throughout the year. And one of them is the Masters Tournament. It starts on April 5 and lasts the entire week. But what is up with it this year?

Rory Mcllroy, a pro golfer from northern Ireland, is a prospect here. The guy has a natural golfing talent. He is a former world number one in golf and has ambitions to get to this title again.

Frankly speaking, Rory has all the chances. His performance during last year’s Masters was excellent. Moreover, he keeps grinding and gets impressive positions at minor golf events.

Many players have given their comments on the prediction of Rory scoring a win again. Hence, Rich Beem says he has noticed Rory’s shots around the greens and imagination. Those are his strong points, he says. Nick Dougherty claimed that Rory is worthy of the win, and he wants it to happen. He thinks Rory has put enough effort into playing, and No 1 should be his this time.

RBC Heritage: Can We Predict an Outcome?

One week after the Masters ends, golf enjoyers will have another great tournament: RBC Heritage. This tour event was first played 54 years ago, and soon it will gather the best golfers on Hilton Head Island once again.

This year, starting from April 13, competitors from all around the world will try to win the purse of $20 000 000. But who will be the descendant of the previous year’s winner Jordan Spieth?

That is a good question. And bookmakers will soon be ready to give an approximate answer. ggonline.bet analysts are already working on examining the competitors and their previous performances. But which of them will probably be the best? We will see it as soon as the odds appear on the website.

Zurich Classic of New Orleans: a Team Tournament

And here is even older tournament: Zurich Classic of New Orleans. This event first appeared in 1938 and was traditionally played in teams. It is also known for its big prize pools. However, it first reached five figures just in 1958.

This Louisiana tournament will feature eighty teams and a unique game format. It will alternate foursomes and fourballs, which are played on different days.

During the fourballs, each team’s player will perform solo. Their best score on the hole will count as the team’s score. While in the foursomes, the players will hit the ball one by one.

Why is the Zurich Classic of New Orleans so popular? The answer is simple: it reshapes regular golf gameplay and gives it new colors. It is always exciting to see how your favorite golf player will perform in pairs. And sometimes, it is even more interesting who his pair will be. For example, remember we’ve talked about how good Rory Mcllroy is this year. And now imagine him at the Zurich Classics. He will have to adapt and change his ordinary playing to suit the team’s objectives. It sets players out of their frames.

Mexico Open: What Will Happen in Vidanta?

Traditionally, Club de Golf Chapultepec in Vidanta awaits the best golfer to fight for the $7 700 000 this spring. To be more precise, the event will take place from April 27th to 30th, and will be the closing tournament of the month.

Mexico Open is a vital tournament in the PGA TOUR system. So its winner will not only take a huge money prize but also will earn a precious reputation. Speaking about winners, last year’s cup was taken by Jon Rahm, one of the best golfers in the world. How do you think, what are his chances for this year?

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